Culture Doom: Episode 201 [NSFW]

Welcome to the Season Two Premiere of Culture Doom. Other shows make you wait months for a new Season, we only make you wait a week and couple extra days!

We kick off the season with an email we missed for episode 150, which provokes some reflection from the hosts on life and living and getting a wee too wrapped up in one’s own head while worrying about the past, also Alex offers some insight into his travels in Japan.


Rounding off the show is a quasi-review of the product Poo Pourri (I got annoyed just typing that) and thoughts on the various usages of the Granny Pod.

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After further testing it appears we hit some shortcomings with Veetle we’d rather not have to worry about.


We’ve used them before, and it worked well. My bad for trying to do something else.

We’re also broadcast on Periscope – but USTREAM will be the “official” stream with best video and audio quality. You will also be able to chat and leave messages live with us.

Or you can watch the embeded stream here. It will look like this, but we’ll be talking and stuff.

Culture Doom: Episode 149 [NSFW]

After the painful solo episode of Uncultured last week, I’m pleased to say the duo is back for our season penultimate episode. Next week we will be presenting a special 2 hour live video episode, steaming on USTREAM and Periscope. We’ll be downing a Scotch flight and telling embarrassing stories, so don’t miss it. Next Saturday, October 24th, 3:00pm-5:00pm CST.

But before that, we had to get through episode 49 sober despite the fact that we kick off with our ill-informed analysis of the Anheuser-Busch & Miller merger. We don’t know what it means but we know we like alcohol. Hooray!

Next up is an equally ill-informed analysis of Playboy’s announcement of removing nude photography from the magazine in 2016. We don’t know about the printing business, but we know we like naked women. Hooray!


Finally we take a far more informed look at the Squatty Potty and discuss US bathroom habits to nauseating detail. We also harshly judge hippies and breast-feeding toddlers on YouTube. I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore! All I know is I want a fucking bidet.

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Let’s Play: World of Tanks – Part 002

Alex is still trying to explain things, but Brendan wants to argue about the Moon of Endor. Also — Brendan gets his first kill. However, it’s not quite what he expected it would be.

Culture Doom: Episode 148 [NSFW]

This week’s episode has a bit of a bi-polar tone (in a good way) as we jump back and forth between some pretty silly (and pretty blue) discussions and some far more serious ones. We kick off by revisiting ona holes based on some recent experiences (not what it sounds like) and get a deeper, and far more unsettling, look at modern Japanese male sex toys.

Next up we have some email that leads us into a lengthy conversation on the nature of getting old, finding a job and balacing pay, work, stress and personal life and fulfillment. We don’t have any answers, but if you’re finding it difficult to find your place and articulate what want out of adult life this should make it clear that you’re not the only one :)


We move on to another email that brings up an interesting show related suggestion and we talk about new endeavors for the show and plans for episode 50. Then, to help clear the air after our inadvertently serious Grown Up Talk, we happily delve into another explicit, cruder, but sexier discussion on male and female dirty underwear and experiences teenage boys (hell, and adult men) have to deal with. Typing this out it sounds grosser than it is. I swear!

Finally in order to make ourselves feel better, we go on a rant about contemporary college students. Keep in mind, if you’re a listener to this show you are automatically exempt from all criticism.

Oh – and please watch An Honest Living! Directed by Jordan (of Greybox.Radio fame!) and edited by me, Brendan! Watch it for free at:

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Culture Doom: Episode 147 [NSFW]

Alex rejoins the show this week as we inch closer to the end of Season 01 of Culture Doom, whatever that means. Off the bat we discuss the adoption of the fedora/trilby by online communities then discuss facial hair grooming as well as societal attitudes towards hair. Up next is Alex’s account of his trip to Disney World and his general review of Disney theme parks in general.

Moving along, we have some misanthropic complaining about the pointless stories people tell, then a lengthy analysis of the recent #Piggate scandal in the UK. On paper this seems like someone I’d relish, but the reality is once again there is nothing but disappointment. This brings us to some general thoughts on the strangeness of Fraternities and Sororities and hazing.


Wrapping up is a Final Friday Anime review of the trashy, racist, nationalistic, spendor that is 1989’s Angel Cop.

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