Culture Doom: Episode 216 [NSFW]

We don’t have a giant list of topics to discuss this week, but we have a lot to say about the handful that we do. First up is a somewhat dated story about the man with an alleged 19″ penis that Alex recently stumbled upon. What starts off with giggles quickly turns into a bit of sleuthing and ultimately some sad concern for the unfortunate man with this condition.

One can’t go long when discussing dicks without mentioning Donald Trump. Since he’s essentially the defacto Republican nominee for President of the United States, we take some time to talk about the implications for the general election, as well as (and maybe more importantly) a reasonable alternative for all voters feeling particularly disgusted by the options this time around. Mostly though we bask in the flames of the disaster that has been the Republican primaries.

Next up is some discussion on the recent #GiveElsaAGirlfriend campaign to give a character from the Disney film a lesbian relationship in its eventual sequel. We discuss authorship and authorial control as well as what we feel is a better method to implement gay and lesbian characters into popular media.


Finally, in keeping with our “Dicks and Politics” theme, Alex reviews the film Look Who’s Back (Er Ist Wieder Da).

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