Culture Doom: Episode 215 [NSFW]

Far less focused on video games this week, we present another eclectic episode of Culture Doom. We kick off lamenting the loss of our base in Rust then quickly move on to Alex’s somewhat strange account of his visit to Farm & Fleet. I’m 90% convinced Alex was paid to talk about this. Alex may or may not be on the payroll of Big Farm or Big Polyethylene.

Moving on, I press Alex on how he plans to raise his inevitable child in this modern, digital, age. We talk about when to allow kids onto which social media sites, and the pitfalls they may encounter. This leads to a look at the cancelled Kickstarter project website, Social Autopsy. It’s supposed to make people accountable for online harassment and bullying, so why are some of the most devout anti-bully activists pissed off about it? (Spoiler: cuz it’s fucking evil.)


Finally we discuss why the U.K. Department for Culture, Media & Sport is so worried about anal sex and if this concern is justified, and give a quick review to the recently concluded anime TV series, Erased (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi).

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