Culture Doom: Episode 213 [NSFW]

This week we cover a wide range of topics related to modern pop media. First off we discuss the Hulk Hogan vs Gawker media trial and how even though someone won, we all kind lost. This leads to Alex giving his review of Wrestlemania 32 which prompts a startling statement about the role professional wrestling has in contemporary society. I’m kind of shocked, but Alex sticks to his guns and explains why the WWE is our modern equivalent to the plays of William Shakespeare.


Continuing our analysis of mainstream entertainment, next up we discuss a relatively recent TV trope that has me shaking my head. Consistent and prolonged deaths of primary protagonists in TV shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones is common now, but is it good for story telling?

Finally we wrap things up with some thoughts on the obsession with nostalgia now that Millenials are spending the money. From Full House to cassette tapes, we seem to be stuck in an 80s/90s time loop that is simultaneously fun and awful. Just like life itself.

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