Culture Doom: Episode 212 [NSFW]

This week we have a pretty eclectic collection of topics to discuss. First off we talk about new that The Killing Joke graphic novel will receive an animated adaptation in 2016, and what the voices of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy mean to the Batman franchise. Next up some musings on the value of HR Departments in the workplace, and the unfair opinion some have towards Community College.

Next, Alex informs us all about his past week spent doing jury duty and how real life court operations compare to fictional versions. While Alex was doing his jury duty, I was taking fecal samples from my dog for the vet. Is there a parallel to be drawn there? Only you can answer that question.

Later in the show we dip a toe into VR with the View-Master VR from Mattel, and then dive head first into musings on VR Porn. In the same vein, Alex explains rumors of a PS4.5.


Of course, what kind of nerdy podcast doesn’t have something to say about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? It’s our review this week.

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