Culture Doom: Episode 210 [NSFW]

Sincere apologies for the late episode. I wasn’t lying about a power outage being the primary cause of the delay, but I will acknowledge that playing Rust instead of editing didn’t help matters. Luckily that means we’ll have a Let’s Play up soon chock full of full frontal nudity.

In any event – we’ve got some great topics this week. After we mourn one more year since Alex’s birth, we transition seamlessly to Alex looking at his father-in-law’s newest Playboy issue. Is this new and updated, and nudeless, edition up to standard of the old version? SPOILER: No. It sucks. So does their shitty new website. Take a shot every time Alex compares it to BuzzFeed!

Next up we take a look at the awesome product for those afflicted with chronic flatulence, Shreddies. Underwear, jeans and other clothes designed to protect your loved ones from your stank, and you from horrifying embarrassment. And while we’re on the topic of embarassments – we take time to mourn the lack of Science based child entertainment on US television. Long gone is the era of Beakman’s World, Bill Nye The Science Guy and 3-2-1 Contact! What has replaced it? A FLAT FUCKING EARTH.


And in the end, a tradition movie review from Alex. He saw Deadpool.

Summary complete!

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