Culture Doom: Episode 208 [NSFW]

I’m tempted to just bite the bullet and announce Saturdays as the official release date of new episodes since it’s becoming kind of lame to keep making the same “better late than never” observation. BUT – for now, episode 208 is better late than never.

Starting us off are some thoughts on Groundhog Day (the day, not the movie) and Mardis Gras. Then it’s on to Uber’s recent logo change and the larger issue of the taxi/cab industry’s complaints about Uber. Following that we get into some real news topics like EA’s announcement they’re sitting out of E3, which provokes some thoughts on E3 and the modern video game convention.

Next up – women, the armed forces and the draft. We talk about how women becoming eligible for the draft coult affect women’s rights issues as a whole, and our own feelings on what it was like registering ourselves.


Finally, we discuss one of most favorite things ever – user stats. This time it’s the end of the year report for 2015 (check the link for the full report — it’s Pornhub though so, like… NSFW ya’ll), and it’s exciting and terrifying. LIKE PORN ITSELF.

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