Culture Doom: Episode 207 [NSFW]

Alex regales us this week with a detailed account of his attempt to brew highly illegal and highly blinding moonshine. This includes trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond, hardware stores, liquor stores and horse feed. I’m pretty sure this is the normal method of moonshine production, but I may be wrong.


Once we’re done with that, we can begin the episode proper which includes some thoughts on being sick and sluggish, the new Deadpool film and some strange attempts to make it child friendly.

We also finally get into Marc Laidlaw’s departure from Valve and what it means for Half-Life. This in turn leads to some bitter, bitter, ranting on the role and responsibility content creators have to their audiences. From Hideaki Anno, to R.R. Martin to Valve/Gabe Newell, lots of our favorites get caught in the complaining. Maybe we had too much moonshine.

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