Culture Doom: Episode 206 [NSFW]

This week’s show features a plethora of random topics. There should be something for everyone in this episode! To start off with, girls talking about their balls. Kinda weird? Maybe a little hot? OR MAYBE BOTH. Not to your liking? How about some arbitrary discussion about 90’s X-Men comics? The new movie is coming soon, so what better time to discuss the Age of Apocalypse series?

Most people broke down and bought a Lottery ticket this week, and we were no different. Are you one of the lucky winners in the billion dollar Powerball? Why not sponsor us? If you did win you will have no problem buying an Oculus Rift. For the rest of us? Well, maybe. Speaking of “Well, maybe.” – is Nintendo fucked? We discuss. Also, Alex sucks at microwaving popcorn.


Finally some thoughts on the late David Bowie and how awesome/awful the 70’s were for underage girls. Then we wrap with a quick review of The Hateful Eight!

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