Culture Doom: Episode 204 [NSFW]

We’re getting back in the groove of doing shows just in time to take another break for the upcoming holidays. Luckily we’ve got a schedule in place as we discover in the opening of this week’s show. Hooray!

We start with some thoughts on e-cigs and smoking in general. Missed opportunities, strange contradictions of that filthy awesome disgusting habit. Next up, Alex has some musings from his recent trip to St. Louis and about road tripping in general which includes torturing his companions with pickled meats.

Alex also has some complaints about company team building endeavors. Frankly, complaining about team building doesn’t sound like something a TEAM PLAYER would do now does it?! Lucky for Alex, the most team building I can muster is at the bottom of a bottle of Scotch.

Team building

Finally our nerd bits slip out as we express dismay at the latest round of Star Wars promotion, a new Batman vs Superman trailer, and the Warcraft movie.

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